Curious about how you can reclaim vitality, feel younger and healthier?

Ready to discover the golden ratio of regeneration, where repair is greater than injury?

Eager to make conscious, healthy choices but unsure where to start?

Want to embody the vibrant being you desire?

I’m here to guide you.

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Health Audit Checklist

A checklist for the health, vitality and wellbeing of your heart, body, mind and soul.

You’ve lived, and what you’ve eaten, experienced, and the diverse environments you’ve known have shaped the incredible being you are today.

I applaud your quest to find what works best for you. I share a perspective on mindful, holistic health choices rooted in nature’s wisdom, aiming to exceed the golden ratio and rebuilding a better you every day. Commitment to you is key.

If you’ve been trying, but feeling vibrant remains elusive, and the journey is confusing. You are seeking a simple, intentional, and renewing vitality path…

“Remember Me” is your journey to reclaim intrinsic health, connecting to eight key points that address your whole self. Trust your body; it knows how to regenerate when fed quality ingredients, most of which are free from nature, true gifts | taonga!

Remember Me to Reclaim a Better You!

I’ve worked with hundreds, spoken at many natural health events, and crafted regenerative wellness programs for various groups.

Get ready—I’m passionate about your journey to intrinsic health. Brace yourself for a bit of excitement, and get ready to rewild.

Together, we’ll find the perfect path for you within the ‘Remember Me’ opportunities.

It’s your Vitality Journey, I simply illuminate chances and moments for growth.

By the end, you’ll confidently choose quality, turning self-care into a ritual, and reclaiming the vibrant being you are.

Get ready for the health journey you truly deserve!

Working with Bridget

Remember Me

Vitality Exploration
(30 Mins)

Explore the first steps of your intrinsic health journey with a quick personalised call to set the flow for your healing adventure.

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Remember Me
8-Week Online Journey

Embark on a transformative online experience, exploring nature’s rhythms, resetting with ease, and gaining empowerment to self-heal.

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Remember Me
1:1 Vitality Plan

Dive deep into your well-being journey with a personalised consultation, recording key insights, and receiving a tailored plan for holistic wellness.

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Remember Me
12-Week Coaching Program

Commit to a profound journey, with weekly 1:1 sessions over a 12 week period, personalised prescriptions, and email support. Experience a significant upgrade in health, well-being, and vitality.

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Re-member to live a life you love!

Are you ready to:

  • Spark enthusiasm for your life, revealing your authentic self to the world?
  • Move beyond the chaos of health overwhelm, and reconnect your holistic well-being?
  • Embody your innate worth and align with your core values?
  • Share precious moments with a compassionate health coach, your illuminating guide on this transformative journey?
  • Gain crystal-clear insights into who you are and the purpose guiding your life?
  • Receive expert guidance to optimise your health and vitality?

  • Craft a vivid vitality plan with built-in accountability, steering you toward your goals?

  • Define your unique identity and dance with the rhythm of regeneration?
  • Embrace accountability, sprinkled with nature-based rituals as your compass for intentional action?
  • Feel uplifted, radiate vitality, and remember the extraordinary being that is you!
  • Embark on the Remember Me experience—a journey of rewilding and reclamation!