The Remembrance : a regenerative journey of self honour, walking barefoot with our Earth Mother, reclaiming your joy and vitality aligning within nature’s alchemy.

  • Reclaiming You
  • Remembering Nature’s Intelligence
  • Reconnecting humans to the miracle of themselves and nature, through sharing indigenous wisdom and knowledge

Welcome to my realm, where passion meets purpose. Like you, I am a wise, multifaceted being, here to help regenerate our world and humanity. Honouring and loving all life is vital. We are all connected, through the biome of life, where resides a deep well of knowing and ancient wisdom.

Seedbeds which have been adapting and evolving through years of being exposed to nature’s varied landscapes and environments, all bursting with a wondrous illumination, attracting and reconnecting us back to source, our Earth Mother, Papatūānuku, and in the process, reclamation of self.

Let me help you embody nature’s gifts and light. Let me help link you back to your story of origin, acknowledging this as the foundation for your daily regenerative power. With love, enthusiasm, and a sense of wonder, I feel honoured to share the wisdom I have gathered through the many journeys I have taken, aiming to elucidate the opportunities for your evolution ahead. As witness to your personal transformation,

I will play an enlightening part – a cheerleader, a mentor, a guide, here to facilitate, and offer potential for growth, expanding your comfort zone, whilst holding you within the nurtured space this incredible life journey can bring. And to re-member the miracle, that is you!

I have spent much of my lifetime immersed within nature. Exploring more than 50 countries, enjoying sea, mountain, waterfall, river, forest, and nature experiences has fueled my passion to guide you on your intrinsic health journey, divinely re-membering you. With over 35 years of growing and evolving my innate wisdom, and accumulating experiential knowledge aligned with my life’s purpose, I am super excited to share with you the heart and soul of my work.

Remember Me, with me, Bridget Clare, focuses on restoring your organic connection with nature’s resources, crafting a new foundation that honours your unique rhythm and realigns within these cycles of life. Mt diverse toolkit will help you re-member and own your journey to intrinsic health.

I am here to share my knowledge and wisdom to help heal the bond between Self, our Mother Earth and the Cosmos, activating a global re-membering. Revolutionising integral regenerative ideals in health. An experiential, self-responsive and conscious paradigm, whereby you get to reclaim the life you love living, embody your deep connection within nature, our source, and truly recognise and honour the supernatural phenomenon that you are

Remember Me offerings…

I help you rewild and embody your deep rooted connection to nature.

I help you own your story of origin, become sovereign and a picture of health.

With qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Rongoā, and Intrinsic Health Coaching, I bring a wealth of expertise to guide you on your path of personal exploration, and exponential growth. I am excited to be walking beside you upon your journey of evolution.

My purpose is to provide you with an opportunity to evolve beyond your wildest dreams. I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and wisdom to heal the connection between you, Mother Earth, and the Cosmos (natural order). Together, we can regenerate your path to living with freedom, empowering you to reclaim the life you love, and embody your deep connection with nature. This is a profoundly transformative journey.

As your health guide I pose the powerful questions which form the foundation of your Personalised Intrinsic Vitality Plan. During our time together we will set the flow for your healing journey. I will create a sacred online portal where we will save recordings of our time together, session notes, recommendations and advice in real time. Our best lessons come from our experiences, reflection, contemplation and co-creating the venture better each time. This is a personal pilgrimage to rewilding and re-membering you.

Along this transformational path, nature based remedies and rituals will be shared. Herbal, supplemental, nutritional and other nature derived prescriptions will be offered. We explore being, moving, breath, rest, relaxation, contemplation, play, connection, hydration, how we flow, what we choose, attunement, energy, emotions, trauma, nerves, and ultimately how you feel and ultimately how you are enjoying your life journey. Ensuring a holistic approach to address your unique multi-dimensional being-ness will be paramount within your personalised vitality plan.

Working with Bridget

Remember Me

Vitality Exploration
(15 Mins)

Explore the first steps of your intrinsic health journey with a quick personalised call to set the flow for your healing adventure.

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Remember Me
8-Week Online Journey

Embark on a transformative online experience, exploring nature’s rhythms, resetting with ease, and gaining empowerment to self-heal.

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Remember Me
1:1 Vitality Plan

Dive deep into your well-being journey with a personalised consultation, recording key insights, and receiving a tailored plan for holistic wellness.

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Remember Me
12-Week Coaching Program

Commit to a profound journey, with weekly 1:1 sessions over a 12 week period, personalised prescriptions, and email support. Experience a significant upgrade in health, well-being, and vitality.

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Re-member to live a life you love!